High School Computer Competition Testimonial

Ramala Andemariam

I remember when I first started BDPA. I was in 10th grade and I got some information from my web design teacher about BDPA. I've been interested in making websites for a while and I was also learning it on my own so this was a great opportunity for me to find out what this organization offered. I talked to my father about it and went to the testing with him. There I saw many others that have come to do the same. After being accepted into the first phase, I was excited to learn what they offered. Ultimately, I ended up going all the way through to being on the competition team. It was the most exciting thing I've done at that time. I love to compete and BDPA gave me the perfect setting to do just that.

Throughout my BDPA journey, there were a lot of opportunities for me to learn and experience new things. The Saturday sessions we had were the most educational for me, especially during the first year. I always looked forward to every Saturday with BDPA. Being able to learn new things, work with other people that had the same interest, and meet new people were among the many things I experienced with BDPA. Going to different cities and competing was also one of the highlights of the program. I loved those Fridays that we spent locked in the competition room coming up with ways to solve our competition problem with limited time. I loved the time we spent playing pranks on one another that Saturday night before our departure. There were many experiences that helped me grow as a person while in BDPA.

My initial interest in technology was what guided me to join BDPA. Once in BDPA, I learned a lot of things that helped me succeed in college. Being an IT major, there was a lot of knowledge that transfered directly to my daily school work from those BDPA classes. It is by far the best educational and fun experience I've had to date. I recommend it to everyone that has the chance to join. BDPA is the best family you can have outside of your current one. I regret not knowing about BDPA earlier but it will always have a special place in my life. Thank you for those that took their time out to educate me and influence me in a great way. Thank you BDPA!

Ramala Andemariam
BDPA Cincinnati Chapter
University of Cincinnati (Class of 2010)