High School Computer Competition Testimonial

Quin Raye

Every child has a dream or vision of what they want to be when they “grow up”, and for me all I could see in my future was medicine. Well that all changed during my seventh grade year, of middle school when I became part of BDPA, suddenly I wanted to work within the IT field. I’ve been a member of BDPA for ten years and my involvement in this organization had a huge impact on my current career. Not only did BDPA provide me with outstanding programming skills, but this organization has helped me overcome my fear of public speaking and gave me an extra boost in my confidence level.

Having the opportunity to learn so much and network with so many people gave me more of competitive edge when I entered into the realm of Corporate America. I am currently an Information Analyst at a large Oil company located in Houston, TX and I have BDPA to thank for a part of my success.

Quin Raye competed in the national high school competition 1998,1999,2000 and 2001.