High School Computer Competition Testimonial

Marvin Street

2001 was quite a few years ago, however, I do remember the competition being very intense - much more intense than the real world is. However, I also remember enjoying myself at the social and enjoying being around so many other people who were into the same things I was. It was an excellent opportunity to travel to a new city. I had never been to Chicago before the competition. Coincidently, I fell in love with the city and I currently live in the south suburbs of Chicago.

I'm still best friends with two of my teammates, although we were already beginning to become friends just before I was introduced to the program. I'm sure that our shared experience as teammates helped push us that much closer and lead us to rely on each other.

My coaches were fantastic. Danielle and Dwight are both still heavily involved in my life. They still offer advice and assistance when I need it, and I feel like I can rely on either of them in any time of need. The entire BDPA experience, at least for me, was a life-changer. It helped me focus my interests. It also introduced me to some people and experiences that have helped shape my life since.