High School Computer Competition Testimonial

Marcellus A. Sims: Philadelphia (2006 - 2007)

Hello my name is Marcellus A. Sims and I attend Bodine High School for International Affairs. I have been with BDPA since 2003 and have benefited from them greatly. BDPA has really given me guidance in what I attend on majoring in while in college, which will be computer science. Without BDPA showing me all the great thing that are out there for computer science graduates I probably would have went in a different directions.

The guidance that people showed me in BDPA have made me look at things in a different way then looking at the normal Doctors or lawyer’s careers. This   program has really given me an opportunity to succeed in life and to do bigger and better thing s in life. The people in BDPA want us as participants, not to just learn programming but to learn life skills and a passion for the computer industry.

BDPA [teaches] us to look at things out of the norm, so that we can stand out of the crowd. This way allows us [to] show people our talents and that we just don’t follow the crowd. BDPA also gives life skills that we will use later in life. Technology is taking over the world and being used in everyday life and BDPA teaches us everything we need, so when we enter college and eventually our careers, we will already be prepared. Without this program, I would not [be] the young man writing you. This program has given me a lot and I plan on giving back to them when I get a chance.