High School Computer Competition Testimonial

Joshua Roy

Hey wassup everyone! Right now I am currently attending Phoenix East Aviation Flight school in Daytona Beach, Florida. I have my private pilot license and am now working on my instrument rating, (which teaches me to fly in the clouds and in bad weather safely and efficiently). Next August, when I graduate, I will move to Atlanta, Georgia where I will be paid as a flight instructor at one of the flight schools. Six months after that I'm off to the airlines. My life is going really good right now. I couldn't ask for better. Back in the day, BDPA-LA taught me a lot.

The one main thing I learned from the HSCC Program was to stick to something you started. There are times where things might not be as easy as we want them to be and the easiest way out is to quit. But if you continue to do that, you'll never accomplish anything in life, and that will become a habit that stays with you forever. So I thank everyone from BDPA that helped me learn a lesson that went beyond the principles of computers. If anyone reading this is considering joining the computer class, I strongly recommend it because it truly is an experience to remember!