High School Computer Competition Testimonial

Darius Gaines

I built websites for my school and became a Graphic User Interface Programmer for the Black Data Processing Associates' High School Computer Competition Detroit chapter, discovering the vast creative perspectives in the field of IT technology on a nationwide competitive level. My connections with the BDPA even got me a job with a local small business as a program developer in turn, setting me off to do web development as my own employer to various clients -most of which express high customer satisfaction of the work I do. The people I got to meet were very helpful, and became a hardwired network of opportunity.

Now I'm a freshman student at Lawrence Technological University, majoring in graphic design and imaging. Over the entirety of my academic career, I'd have to say my love for arts and technology has been the most consistent - even over sports, and politics - I can honestly say I believe what I have planned for myself will make a difference. As a student in graphic design, I can obtain the skills to influence thinking through art and concept.