High School Computer Competition Testimonial

Christian West | 2008 | Philadelphia

My time working with the BDPA Philadelphia chapter and their high school computer competition (HSCC) program was one of the best learning experiences in my life. I was exposed to different levels of technology that I had never been exposed to. I can honestly say that the experience with HSCC was instrumental in my ability to get into college and have a high level of success there.

In addition to the learning experience, I got a chance to travel to Atlanta for the national BDPA conference and compete in the national HSCC championship. Not only was the competition a great experience but I had a chance to network with successful role models who have continued to help me in my endeavors since.

Lastly, the great part of the experience was the camaraderie the HSCC group shared, becoming a fun group of people that made having to get up early on Saturday morning. I’m very grateful for my experience in HSCC and recommend it for anyone trying to improve themselves.