High School Computer Competition Testimonial

Alton Felts [Southern Minnesota: 2001-2002]

I started training with BDPA Southern Minnesota Chapter in my 8th grade year. We met every Saturday for 4 hours. At first it was something my dad got me involved in to keep me busy, but that experience became so much more. I learned about topics in IT that some do not learn until college. My chapter also gave us the opportunities to tour the IT departments at the Mayo Clinic and speak with the IT professionals.

My participation in the HSCC was a great experience and really tested my team's abilities. I can remember our team studying the night before making sure we had the basics down for the competition. We also got a chance to be tourist in Orlando and got to see many attractions while we were there.

BDPA has definitely had a huge impact on my life. Before I joined BDPA, I had no concrete idea on what I wanted to do with my life. After being involved, I realized I wanted my career to be in IT. I am currently majoring in Computer Information Systems at Georgia State University and doing my second internship with Lockheed Martin as an Information Systems Analyst. I can really say the experiences I have had with BDPA has helped me achieve what I have so far.